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Hello....& welcome to my gallery.   I'm Carol.


I often find myself creating and telling stories. 

Art play has always been in my life, in paint, textiles, goldsmithing

and now digital.


Some descriptions of me might say.....I knit sweaters and skirts,

I adore and attempt creating couture fashion,

I used to make Byzantine style gold jewelry, that is,

before gold became so very expensive !!!!

I like bending the rules !


I love fine details and tend to pick subjects

and ideas from the past.

To me, there is richness in history and its contents,

as lace ruffles and petticoats, silk embroidery and leather bound books.


To tell a story has always been a visual journey

using ingredients full of textures, color and fantasy.


In the past few years my curiosity brought me to learning

and experimenting in a new world of digital art.

Luckily, I found Sebastian Michaels Photoshop Artistry courses

and knew he'd given me the once secret key

of mastering the computer jargon in sophisticated software.


I'm fortunate as well as humbled to be among

 and learning from this talented group of artists.

That said, it lets me happily practice and dance along

to find and fine tune my skills.


Creator, Collector, Purveyor of Beautiful Things.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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